CQLX Gracemere Cattle Sale

Wed 12 August 2020

GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE Wednesday 12th August 2020

CQLX combined agents yarded a total of 2,167 head, comprising of 1,147 steers, 743 heifers, 253 cows, 13 bulls and 11 cows & calves. With a reduced yarding the buying panel was very active to secure the better lines. Limited numbers on finished cattle meant processors were selective, with the job holding firm. Feeder cattle sold to a dearer trend seeing a 5-10c lift. Store cattle also sold to a dearer trend with heifers seeing a large increase. Cattle were drawn from Bowen, Middlemount, Mackay, Biloela, Calliope and all local areas.

STEERS Slaughter 11 282.2c/kg 364.2c/kg 315.2c/kg FIRM
  400 – 500kg 225 225c/kg 378.2c/kg 361.5c/kg +9
300 – 400kg 267 250.0c/kg 410.2c/kg 371.0c/kg +8
200 – 300kg 468 180.0c/kg 442.2c/kg 408.5c/kg +7
Under 200kg 144 50.0c/kg 446.2c/kg 404.9c/kg +8
COWS Slaughter 177 230.2c/kg 322.2c/kg 263.6c/kg FIRM
  400 – 450kg 38 190.2c/kg 319.2c/kg 260.4c/kg FIRM
320 – 400kg 42 180.2c/kg 304.2c/kg 229.9c/kg -10
Under 320kg 6 152.2c/kg 238.2c/kg 216.4c/kg +13
HEIFERS Heavy 59 198.2c/kg 348.2c/kg 319.1c/kg FIRM
  300 – 400kg 203 200.0c/kg 382.2c/kg 330.0c/kg FIRM
200 – 300kg 367 280.2c/kg 404.2c/kg 353.8c/kg +7
Under 200kg 103 280.2c/kg 380.2c/kg 362.9c/kg +17
Cows & Calves          
BULLS Over 600kg 4 256.2c/kg 292.2c/kg 275.8c/kg +18
  450kg – 600kg 6 290.2c/kg 308.2c/kg 298.6c/kg +22
Under 450kg 33 240.0c/kg 398.2c/kg 330.3c/kg -10



Spann Family Pty Ltd, Goovigen – Sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for 420c/kg, weighing 297kg, to return $1,248/hd.

Kim Borg Koumala – Sold quality Brahman weaner steers to top at 442c/kg, weighing 246kg, to return $1,087/hd.

Brian McPherson, Yalboroo – Sold Santa x weaner steers to top at 430c/kg, weighing 292kg, to return $1,258/hd.

Carnarvon Cattle Co, Springsure – Sold Cross Bred weaner steers to top at 440c/kg, weighing 252kg, to return $1,109/hd.

Twin Lakes – Sold Brangus steers to 364c/kg, weighing 509kg, to return $1,853/hd.

Brian Bills, Mt Larcom – Sold a pen of Droughtmaster x weaner steers for 446c/kg, weighing 167kg, to return $746/hd.

The Kent Family, Rannes -Sold a run of EU accredited Brahman steers to average 374c/kg, weighing 376kg, to return an average of $1,405/hd.

Charlevue Cattle Co., Dingo -Sold Red & Black Brangus steers topping at 442c/kg, weighing 226kg, to return $1,000/hd.

Hinchliffe Family, Milman – Sold Charbray weaner steers for 440c/kg, weighing 234kg, to return $1,030/hd.

Wotonga Grazing, Nebo – Sold Droughtmaster x steers for 378c/kg, weighing 478kg, to return $1,809/hd.

Alma Park Farms, Wowan – Sold Brangus cows for 287c/kg, weighing 598kg, to return $1,716/hd.

SE & JG Farr, Garnant – Sold Brahman cows for 273c/kg, weighing 531kg, to return $1,450/hd.

Noel Booth Bajool – Sold Quality No.9 Grey Brahman heifers for 382c/kg, weighing 363kg, to return $1,388/hd.

J Ohl, Gogango – Sold Droughtmaster heifers to 354c/kg, weighing 337kg, to return $1,194/hd.

Cedar Creek Grazing, Gogango – Sold a pen of Cross Bred weaner heifers for 394c/kg, weighing 209kg, to return $826/hd.

DH & MJ Kraatz, Rossmoya – Sold Droughtmaster weaner heifers for 404c/kg, weighing 250kg, to return $1,012/hd.

L McKinlay, Gogango – Sold Charbray Heifers for 398c/kg, weighing 259kg, to return $1,031/hd.

R Toole, Keppel Sands – Sold Brahman cows and calves to $1,650/unit

                                     NEXT GRACEMERE SALE: WEDNESDAY 19th AUGUST 2020