CQLX Gracemere Cattle Sale

Wed 14 October 2020

GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE Wednesday 14th October 2020

CQLX Gracemere agents yarded a total of 3779 head today comprising 1,683 steers, 1,486 heifers, 514 cows, 44 bulls, and 52 cows & calves. Cattle were drawn from Nebo, St Lawrence, Bowen, Blackwater, Baralaba, Biloela, and local areas. All processors were present and were strong on the limited prime cattle present. Heavy feedlot steers saw a big gain. Better quality weaner steers were met with greater competition with extra southern buyers in attendance. Feeder and weaner heifers also sold to a dearer market.

STEERS Slaughter 9 300.0 c/kg 398.2 c/kg 363.9 c/kg +10
400 – 500kg 230 306.2 c/kg 416.2 c/kg 385.0 c/kg +6
300 – 400kg 477 280.0 c/kg 488.2 c/kg 395.0 c/kg +11
200 – 300kg 640 250.0 c/kg 500.2 c/kg 432.2 c/kg +16
Under 200kg 236 310.2 c/kg 522.2 c/kg 461.5 c/kg +51
COWS Slaughter 181 230.0 c/kg 330.0 c/kg 286.3 c/kg +18
400 – 450kg 170 240.2 c/kg 320.2 c/kg 283.7 c/kg +16
320 – 400kg 150 210.2 c/kg 370.2 c/kg 264.5 c/kg -14
Under 320kg 17 160.2 c/kg 252.2 c/kg 213.3 c/kg +31
HEIFERS Heavy 74 252.2 c/kg 412.2 c/kg 345.7 c/kg +28
300 – 400kg 318 134.2 c/kg 398.2 c/kg 373.9 c/kg +14
200 – 300kg 598 200.2 c/kg 458.2 c/kg 394.3 c/kg +17
Under 200kg 523 200.0 c/kg 462.2 c/kg 415.7 c/kg +14
Cows & Calves 48 $2,000/unit $1,758/unit  
BULLS Over 600kg 21 300.0 c/kg 368.2 c/kg 334.1 c/kg +21
450kg – 600kg 10 314.2 c/kg 374.2 c/kg 340.2 c/kg +32
Under 450kg 73 220.0 c/kg 446.2 c/kg 352.0 c/kg -8



Creed & Bowkett, sold a run of 114 Brahman x steers to average 385c/kg, reaching 480kg, to return $1,856/hd.

Busby Cattle Co, Mt Larcom, sold Charbray steers to 393c/kg, weighing 430kg, to return $1,685/hd.

Top End Partnership, Blackwater, sold Brangus feeder steers for 398c/kg, weighing 435kg, to return $1,734/hd.

Marlegoo Family Trust, Biloela, sold Charbray feeder steers for 416c/kg, weighing 415kg, to return $1,727/hd.

Cedar Creek Grazing, Gogango, sold Limo x weaner steers for 500c/kg, weighing 222kg, to return $1,114/hd.

Lyn Graham, Wowan, sold Charbray weaner steers for 446c/kg, weighing 276kg, to return $1,232/hd.

Taunton Station, Taunton, sold Brangus weaner steers for 508c/kg, weighing 188kg, to return $957/hd.

Manuel Vella, Mackay, sold quality Angus/Simmental steers to top at 420c/kg, weighing 373kg, to return $1,570/hd.

Day Grazing, St Lawrence, sold Brahman steers for 380c/kg, weighing 498kg, to return $1,892/hd.

RF & HG Matthews, Kalapa, sold Droughtmaster weaner steers to top at 460c/kg, weighing 288kg, to return $1,328/hd.

S & M Hartwig, Theodore, sold Charbray weaner steers for 500c/kg, weighing 167kg, to return $837/hd.

PL Bradford & J Hicks, Koumala, sold Brangus weaner steers for 484c/kg, weighing 207kg, to return $1,002/hd.

Coorumburra Rural Ent, Marlborough, sold No.9 Brangus x steers for 396c/kg, weighing 362kg, to return $1,435/hd.

Unity Pastoral, Charter Towers, sold a run of 126 PTIC Grey Brahman cows to top at 320c/kg, to avg 415kg, to return $1,250/kg.

IV & A Walters, Kabra, sold Brangus Cross Cows for 292c/kg, weighing 535kg, to return $1,563/hd.

EM & RF Bella, Nebo, sold No.9 Brangus heifers for 398c/kg, weighing 380kg, to return $1,513/hd.

Marlegoo Family Trust, Biloela, sold Charbray heifers for 412c/kg, weighing 430kg, to return $ 1,775/hd.

R & J Peff, Wowan, sold No.8 Brangus heifers for 350c/kg, weighing 444kg, to return $1556/hd.

G & E Livestock, Rockyview, Sold No.0 Brahman x heifers for 428c/kg, weighing 280kg to return $1201/hd

S & DL McAulay-Powell, Marlborough, sold Brahman heifers to top at 442c/kg, weighing 188kg, to return $830/hd.

B & V Roberts, Owens Creek, sold Brangus weaner heifers to top at 430c/kg, weighing 240kg, to return $1,032/hd.

Lawson Dunne, Wowan sold Brangus cows and calves for $2,000/unit.