CQLX Gracemere Cattle Sale

Wed 02 December 2020

GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE Wednesday 02nd December 2020

CQLX Gracemere agents presented a decreased yarding of 3,676 head at today’s’ cattle sale, comprising of 1,629 steers, 1,600 heifers, 351 cows, 53 bulls, and 45 cow & calf. Processor cattle held strong on the previous week’s rates, with cows being slightly dearer. All lines of store cattle were once again keenly sort after. The weaner steers were dearer with buyers competing for the limited number of quality lines on offer. Cattle were drawn from Emerald, Clermont, Koumala, Nebo and local areas.

*** Reminder last sale for 2020 is 9th December, only 1 sale left ***

STEERS Slaughter 28 330.0 c/kg 388.2 c/kg 360.7 c/kg FIRM
  400 – 500kg 223 266.2 c/kg 408.2 c/kg 392.2 c/kg +7
300 – 400kg 419 210.0 c/kg 430.2 c/kg 386.2 c/kg -8
200 – 300kg 565 170.0 c/kg 498.2 c/kg 413.6 c/kg FIRM
Under 200kg 272 200.0 c/kg 498.2 c/kg 428.3 c/kg -40
COWS Slaughter 137 190.2 c/kg 287.2 c/kg 277.8 c/kg FIRM
  400 – 450kg 104 170.2 c/kg 292.2 c/kg 267.8 c/kg -13
320 – 400kg 45 80.0 c/kg 324.2 c/kg 249.2 c/kg -26
Under 320kg 58 70.0 c/kg 206.2 c/kg 155.3 c/kg -59
HEIFERS Heavy 46 246.2 c/kg 380.0 c/kg 321.8 c/kg -32
  300 – 400kg 445 220.0 c/kg 408.2 c/kg 372.2 c/kg FIRM
200 – 300kg 720 70.0 c/kg 440.2 c/kg 383.2 c/kg FIRM
Under 200kg 398 80.0 c/kg 440.2 c/kg 383.1 c/kg -31
Cows & Calves 45   $2,325/unit $1,762/unit  
BULLS Over 600kg 16 276.2 c/kg 324.2 c/kg 292.7 c/kg +35
  450kg – 600kg 11 270.0 c/kg 310.0 c/kg 289.2 c/kg -10
Under 450kg 151 170.0 c/kg 394.2 c/kg 331.5 c/kg FIRM


Aroa Downs, Clermont, sold a run of Droughtmaster steers to 396c/kg, weighing 493kg, to return $1,955/hd.

Barlow Cattle Co, Dingo, sold Brangus steers at 498c/kg, weighing 199kg, to return $993/hd.

Lake Elphinstone, Nebo, sold a run of Charbray & Brahman x steers to 418c/kg, weighing 394kg, to return $1,649/hd.

A & J Roberts, Yaamba, sold Brahman Steers for 396c/kg, weighing 410kg to return $1,625/hd.

B & M Lashford, Mt Larcom, sold Brangus x steers for 404c/kg, weighing 453kg, to return $1,832/hd.

Head Grazing, Koumala, sold a run of Brahman steers to top at 450c/kg, weighing 193kg, to return $872/hd.

BJ & LJ Moretti, Wowan, sold quality Brangus EU weaner steers to 498c/kg, weighing 267kg, to return $1,333/hd.

B & J Symonds, Nebo, sold Charbray cows for 282c/kg, weighing 759kg to return $2142/hd.

The Clein Trust, Nebo, sold a line of Brahman cross cows topping at 283c/kg, weighing 519kg, to return $1470/hd.

M & K Robe, Tungamull, sold Droughtmaster x cows at 284c/kg, weighing 541kg, to return $1,539/hd.

JG & MA McCartney, Marlborough, sold No.8 Brahman heifers, for 313c/kg weighing 456kg to return $1530/hd

JE & LM Carroll, Midgee, sold Brahman cows to 285c/kg weighing 578kg, to return $1,649/hd.

G & E Livestock, Sandringham, sold Brahman cross weaner heifers for 430c/kg, weighing 286kg to return $1230/hd

Dave & Mandie Hudson, Hedlow, sold Charbray weaner heifers for 434c/kg, weighing 222kg to return $962/hd

Yeppoon State High, sold Angus feeder heifers to 402c/kg, weighing 358kg, to return $1,440/hd.

J &S Dunne, Duaringa, sold Brahman heifers to average 440c/kg, weighing 204kg, to return $898/hd.

Lake Elphinstone, Nebo, sold a run of Charbray x heifers topping at 408c/kg, weighing 353kg, to return $1,444/hd.

J & SJ Schneider, Yaamba, sold a run of No.0 Brangus heifers for 422c/kg, weighing an average of 230kg, to return $972/hd.

Wirringan Pty Ltd, Biloela, sold Droughtmaster cows and calves for $2,325/unit.