Gracemere Cattle Numbers 14/10/2020

Gracemere Cattle Sale
Wednesday 14th October 2020
3290 Cattle Booked

Comprising of:

1510 Steers
1145 Heifers
565 Cows
20 Cows & Calves
50 Bulls


The following lines will be on offer: 

Ex Raglan 100 Droughtmaster x heavy feeder steers Ex Wowan 24 No.8 Brahman/Brangus heifers (PRIME)
Ex St Lawrence 70 No.8 Brahman steers Ex Middlemount 120 No.9 Brahman heifers (EU)
Ex Collinsville 90 Brahman steers Ex Nebo 110 Brahman/Brahman x heifers (EU)
Ex Boyne Valley 80 Brahman steers Ex Rosedale 60 Brahman feeder heifers
Ex Middlemount 60 No.9 Brahman/Brahman x steers (EU) Ex Mt Coolon 25 No.9 Brahman x heifers
Ex Targinie 40 Brangus feeder steers Ex Sandringham 25 No.9 Brahman x heifers
Ex Marlborough 38 No.9 Brangus steers (M/2th) Ex Dingo 20 Angus heifers
Ex St Lawrence 17 No.9 Brahman steers Ex Sandringham 50 No.0 Brahman x weaner heifers
Ex Flaggy Rock 16 No.9 Brahman steers Ex Duaringa 30 Brahman weaner heifers
Ex Bloomsbury 120 Cross-bred weaner steers Ex Bowen 20 Brahman x heifers
Ex Bowen 80 Brahman x steers Ex Mackay 20 Brangus weaner heifers
Ex Sandringham 55 No.0 Brahman x weaner steers Ex Kabra 10 No.0 Speckle Park x heifers
Ex Baralaba 45 Brahman weaner steers  
Ex Kabra 35 No.0 Speckle Park x steers  
Ex Lowmead 30 Brahman/Brangus weaner steers  
Ex Charters Towers 110 Brahman cows (PTIC) Ex Thangool 40 Droughtmaster m/s yearlings
Ex Bowen 90 Brahman x cows (%PTIC) Ex Yeppoon 140 Cross-bred m/s weaners
Ex Bowen 40 Brahman x cows (store) Ex Westwood 60 Droughtmaster m/s weaners
Ex Mt Coolon 30 Brahman x cows Ex Duaringa 30 Brahman m/s weaners (EU)
Ex Morinish 30 Brahman cows (% Prime) EX Wowan 20 Droughtmaster m/s weaners
  Ex Dingo 15 Charbray m/s weaners
Ex Bowen 23 Brahman x cows & calves  
Ex Proserpine 9 Droughtmaster cows & calves  

#Please note: These numbers are subject to change without notice#

Reminder Covid19 restrictions are still in place at CQLX.

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