Gracemere Market Report 18.03.2020


Combined agents yarded a total of 5011 head at Gracemere which was 2741 head more than last week. The yarding comprised of 1620 Steers, 2525 Heifers, 756 Cows, 53 Bulls and 57 Cows & Calves. Cattle were drawn from Mt Coolon, Clermont, Mackay, Nebo, Dingo, Miriam Vale, Moura and all local areas. Prices eased a shade while the better quality lines maintained previous week’s rates. Prime cattle eased with limited competition, Feeder cattle and Store cattle eased with Heifers selling to an unchanged trend. The few increases were due to an improvement to the quality on offer.

STEERS Slaughter 25 326.2c/kg 320c/kg Firm
  400 – 500kg 68 368.2c/kg 328.8c/kg -27
300 – 400kg 360 408.2c/kg 350.3c/kg -30
200 – 300kg 895 410.2c/kg 362.1c/kg -30
Under 200kg 283 410.2c/kg 338.9c/kg -64
COWS Slaughter 203 274.2c/kg 257.3c/kg -13
  400 – 450kg 292 280c/kg 243.8c/kg -11
320 – 400kg 180 292.2c/kg 227.8c/kg -25
Under 320kg 45 282.2c/kg 185.4c/kg -25
HEIFERS Heavy 58 372.2c/kg 285.7c/kg -63
  300 – 400kg 595 372.2c/kg 327.1c/kg -19
200 – 300kg 1490 366.2c/kg 305.2c/kg -32
Under 200kg 403 372.2c/kg 294.3c/kg -20
Cows & Calves   $1800unit $1300unit  
BULLS Over 600kg 22 312.2c/kg 288.8c/kg -35
  450kg – 600kg 27 376.2c/kg 316.3c/kg -7
Under 450kg 57 330.2c/kg 279.3c/kg -10


T & J Holland, Wycarbah, sold Droughtmaster steers to 398c/kg, weighing 282kg, to return $1,123/hd

Milne Family, Baralaba, sold Charbray weaner steers at 410c/kg, weighing 261kg, to return $1,070/hd

Miller Family, Milman, sold Charbray No.9 steers at 364c/kg, weighing 410kg, to return $1,529/hd

DJ JR & RD Benson, Sarina, sold Brangus weaner steers for 410c/kg, weighing 230kg, to return $940/hd

JC BL Pty Ltd, Miriam Vale, sold Droughtmaster steers for 400c/kg, weighing 294kg, to return $1,177/hd

I & S Matsen, Dingo, sold Brangus weaner steers for 400c/kg, weighing 262kg, to return $1,048/hd

Palmvale Red Brahmans, Marlborough, sold red Brahman cows for 260c/kg, weighing 552kg, to return $1,436/hd

Granite Vale, St Lawrence, sold prime Brahman cows for 274c/kg, weighing 493kg, to return $1,350/hd

M & S Anderson, Middlemount, sold Brahman heifers for 307c/kg, weighing 489kg, to return $1,501/hd

Collingvale P/L, Proserpine, sold Brangus steers for 392c/kg, weighing 357kg, to return $1,399/hd

Jodie Wilson, Jambin, sold a run of Charbray feeder heifers to top 358c/kg, weighing 381kg, to return $1,358/hd

Greenlakes Station, sold a run of Droughtmaster heifers to top 330c/kg, weighing 280kg, to return $922/hd

Meissner P/L, Biloela, sold Droughtmaster x Simmental heifers at 370c/kg, weighing 382kg, to return $1,416/ hd.

GR & AC Adams, Mt Larcom, sold Droughtmaster heifers for 372c/kg, weighing 322kg, to return $1,200/hd

AJ Hobson, Banana sold grey Brahman weaner heifers for 372c/kg, weighing 190kg, to return $709/hd

Young Family, Dululu, sold quality Brangus cows and calves for $1,800 per unit.

T & T Symonds, Nebo sold Brahman cows and calves for $1,600 per unit


                               NEXT GRACEMERE SALE: WEDNESDAY 25th MARCH 2020

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