Gracemere Market Report 19/08/2020

GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE Wednesday 19th August 2020

CQLX Gracemere agents yarded a total of 2,697 head today comprising 1,212 steers, 925 heifers, 533 cows, 15 bulls, and 12 cows & calves. Cattle were drawn from Nebo, St Lawrence, Innisfail, Moranbah, Winton, Gin Gin, Biloela, and local areas. All processors were present and very active to maintain last weeks’ rates on prime cattle. Feed-lotters and re-stockers were once again very strongly committed to their bidding. The few cows and calves on offer were dearer. All the usual buyers were in attendance.

STEERS Slaughter 34 290.2c/kg 322.0c/kg 322.0c/kg +7
  400 – 500kg 95 284.2c/kg 370.2c/kg 341.8c/kg -20
300 – 400kg 304 180.0c/kg 398.2c/kg 361.7c/kg -10
200 – 300kg 426 300.2c/kg 456.2c/kg 408.6c/kg FIRM
Under 200kg 222 244.2c/kg 456.2c/kg 414.5c/kg +10
COWS Slaughter 337 214.2c/kg 288.2c/kg 268.3c/kg +5
  400 – 450kg 60 150.0c/kg 305.2c/kg 244.3c/kg -16
320 – 400kg 122 140.0c/kg 245.2c/kg 226.3c/kg FIRM
Under 320kg 8 120.0c/kg 198.2c/kg 147.0c/kg NQ
HEIFERS Heavy 27 262.2c/kg 352.2c/kg 314.5c/kg FIRM
  300 – 400kg 299 234.2c/kg 370.2c/kg 322.4c/kg FIRM
200 – 300kg 390 234.2c/kg 353.9c/kg 395.2c/kg FIRM
Under 200kg 200 210.2c/kg 398.2c/kg 365.6c/kg FIRM
Cows & Calves          
BULLS Over 600kg 12 100.0c/kg 280.2c/kg 255.5c/kg -20
  450kg – 600kg 7 170.2c/kg 306.2c/kg 277.5c/kg -21
Under 450kg 118 238.2c/kg 420.2c/kg 368.4c/kg +38


Mount Larcom State School – Sold Charbray steers to 360c/kg, to weigh 587kg, to return $2,113/hd.

Villamosa Cattle Co, Rannes – Sold Charolais x steers for 382c/kg, to weigh 389kg, to return $1,486/hd.

SA & MC Desbois, Mt Ossa – Sold Brangus x weaner steers for 456c/kg, weighing 264kg, to return $1,200/hd.

CW Wright, Mt Larcom – Sold Droughtmaster weaner steers for 440c/kg, weighing 209kg, to return $922/hd.

MT Kennedy, Duaringa – Sold Brahman weaner mickies for 398c/kg, weighing 244kg, to return $971/hd.

Lance Howkins, Dululu – Sold Droughtmaster x cows for 272c/kg, weighing 621kg, to return $1,692/hd.

Wotonga Grazing, Nebo – Sold Droughtmaster x cows for 284c/kg, weighing 636kg, returning $1,808/hd.

SA & MC Desbois, Mt Ossa – Sold Charbray x cows for 276c/kg, weighing 555kg, to return $1,535/hd.

J & C Murphy, Ridgelands – Sold Brahman heifers to 396c/kg, weighing 222kg, to return $875/hd.

Barlow Cattle Co, Dingo – Sold Brangus heifers for 352c/kg, weighing 415kg, to return $1,461/hd.

J & S Schneider, Yaamba – Sold Brangus x heifers for 394c/kg, weighing 219kg, to return $863/hd.

MJ Kennedy & Co, Duaringa – Sold Brahman weaner heifers for 392c/kg, weighing 220kg, to return $863/hd.

BS Green, Wowan – Sold Brangus No.9 heifers for 370c/kg, weighing 332kg, to return $1,228/hd.

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