Gracemere Market Report 20.05.20


CQLX combined agents saw a large increase of numbers, yarding a total of 3,440 head, comprising of 1822 steers, 1034 heifers, 489 cows, 90 bulls and 4 cows & calves. With a stronger buyer panel throughout the sale, prices responded accordingly. The prime market sold to a dearer trend. A larger offering of feeder cattle saw a lift in prices.
The weaner steers and heifers also sold to a dearer trend, with re-stockers being very active.
Cattle were sourced from Collinsville, Bowen, Nebo, Calliope and local areas.

** Reminder – The annual CQLX weaner sale will be held on Monday 1st June 2020 get your nominations in **

STEERS Slaughter 32 260 c/kg 354 c/kg 315 c/kg +26
  400 – 500kg 97 180 c/kg 408 c/kg 330 c/kg +26
300 – 400kg 562 234 c/kg 408 c/kg 342 c/kg +11
200 – 300kg 858 240 c/kg 450 c/kg 376 c/kg +9
Under 200kg 239 240 c/kg  461 c/kg 390 c/kg +16
COWS Slaughter 288 211 c/kg 319 c/kg 252 c/kg FIRM
  400 – 450kg 97 198 c/kg 249 c/kg 235 c/kg +10
320 – 400kg 26 160 c/kg 286 c/kg 208 c/kg 23
Under 320kg 8 180 c/kg 211 c/kg 207 c/kg NQ
HEIFERS Heavy 112 238 c/kg 355 c/kg 304 c/kg +53
  300 – 400kg 252 240 c/kg 350 c/kg 327 c/kg +30
200 – 300kg 571 140 c/kg 382 c/kg 328 c/kg +14
Under 200kg 118 100 c/kg 350 c/kg 311 c/kg FIRM
Cows & Calves     $1,400/unit 1,300/unit FIRM
BULLS Over 600kg 37 200 c/kg 326 c/kg 292 c/kg +26
  450kg – 600kg 29 230 c/kg 324 c/kg 313 c/kg +20
Under 450kg 60 230 c/kg 400 c/kg 307 c/kg FIRM


Sam Kime, Amaroo Station, Nebo– Sold Red and Black Brangus No.8 Steers for 354c/kg weighing 562kg to return $1,990/  

Dale McLellan, Mt Morgan, sold Charbray steers to 388c/kg, weighing 385kg, to return $1,495/hd.

Judith Hamilton, Thangool, sold a pen of Droughtmaster steers for 378c/kg, weighing 374kg, to return $1,413/hd.

The Derrington family, Mt Larcom, sold a pen of Droughtmaster steers for 368c/kg, weighing 418kg, to return $1,541/hd.

AM & ML Wilson, Dululu, sold Brangus weaner steers to average 450c/kg, weighing 240kg, to return $1,083/hd.

Grant Edmonds, Raglan, sold Brangus steers to 380c/kg, weighing 388kg, to return $1,478/hd.

Melrose Grazing, Morinish, sold Brahman weaner steers to top at 391c/kg, weighing 261kg, to return $1,021/hd

Kurt Simkin, Miriam Vale-
sold Limousin Cross weaner steers for 430c/kg weighing 289kg to return $1,243/hd

Daleryan Pty Ltd, Melinda, sold Droughtmaster steers for 430c/kg, weighing 237kg, to return $1,019/hd.

Michael Ingram, Gainsford, sold a pen of Droughtmaster cows for 257c/kg, weighing 594kg, to return $1,527/hd.

Geddes Family, Milman, sold Grey Brahman cows to top at 253c/kg, weighing 579kg, to return $1,466/hd.

Mt Stuart Trust, Capella, sold Grey Brahman cows for 261c/kg, weighing 574kg, to return $1,500/hd.

Retreat Grazing Wycarbah, sold a run of Droughtmaster heifers to top 332c/kg, weighing 336kg, to return $1,117/hd.

AM & ML Wilson, Dululu, sold Charbray cross weaner heifers to top at 376c/kg, weighing 237kg, to return $891/hd.

MR & KL Brown, Middlemount, sold Brangus feeder heifers to top at 355c/kg, weighing 411kg, to return $1,460/hd.

Humbolt, Comet, sold heavy Charbray heifers for 319c/kg, weighing 495kg, to return $1,580/hd.

I & J Donaldson, Wowan, sold Droughtmaster cross heifers for 344c/kg, weighing 320kg, to return $1,100/hd.

Brookston Pastoral, Nebo, sold Euro cross heifers for 376c/kg, weighing 256kg, to return $962/hd.

                  NEXT GRACEMERE SALE: WEDNESDAY 27th MAY 2020-   COMMENCING @ 8.30AM

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