Gracemere Market Report 26/08/2020

GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE Wednesday 26th August 2020

CQLX Gracemere agents yarded a total of 2,782 head at todays’ cattle sale comprising of 1,306 steers, 1,050 heifers, 322 cows, 53 bulls, and 53 cows & calves. Cattle were drawn from Nebo, Collinsville, Moura, Comet, Biloela, and local areas. All processors were active to maintain last weeks’ rates on prime cattle. Feed lotters were stronger on the heavier steers and heifers. Weaner steers were fully firm on last weeks’ rates. Weaner heifers sold to a dearer market with extra buyers operating for re-stockers. All the usual buyers were in attendance.

STEERS Slaughter 10 287.2c/kg 392.2c/kg 313.6c/kg NQ
  400 – 500kg 251 270.2c/kg 380.2c/kg 369.5c/kg +27
300 – 400kg 363 250.2c/kg 418.2c/kg 370.9c/kg +8
200 – 300kg 516 252.2c/kg 461.2c/kg 412.2c/kg FIRM
Under 200kg 101 300.0c/kg 458.2c/kg 424.1c/kg +10
COWS Slaughter 169 200.0c/kg 324.2c/kg 271.8c/kg FIRM
  400 – 450kg 56 190.2c/kg 320.2c/kg 252.3c/kg +8
320 – 400kg 37 228.2c/kg 323.2c/kg 265.9c/kg +40
Under 320kg 13 252.2c/kg 274.2c/kg 272.5c/kg NQ
HEIFERS Heavy 69 257.2c/kg 350.0c/kg 323.2c/kg -9
  300 – 400kg 273 280.2c/kg 390.2c/kg 349.7c/kg +17
200 – 300kg 557 92.2c/kg 426.2c/kg 370.7c/kg +17
Under 200kg 203 234.2c/kg 404.2c/kg 375.8c/kg +10
Cows & Calves          
BULLS Over 600kg 16 232.2c/kg 284.2c/kg 271.6c/kg +16
  450kg – 600kg 22 266.2c/kg 328.2c/kg 307.4c/kg +30
Under 450kg 71 250.0c/kg 396.2c/kg 333.3c/kg -34


Woorabinda Pastoral Company – Sold a quality of run of steers to top 448c/kg, weighing 199kg, to return $891/hd.

J & W Ariens, Calliope – Sold Limousin x steers for 448c/kg, weighing 247kg, to return $1,109/hd.

Matthew Mackay, Calliope – Sold Droughtmaster steers for 380c/kg, weighing 359kg, to return $1,365/hd.

J&K Grazing, Stanage Bay – Sold Brangus steers for 461c/kg, weighing 211kg, to return $972/hd.

AB McKenzie, Bluff – Sold Droughtmaster steers for 458c/kg, weighing 278kg, to return $1,275/hd.

Riverside Pastoral, Nebo – Sold Brangus x steers for 380c/kg, weighing 485kg, to return $1,844/hd.

CJ Mahon, Bauhinia – Sold Santa x steers for 418c/kg, weighing 342kg, to return $1,430/hd.

J & J Hamblin, Alligator Ck – Sold Brangus weaner steers to top at 444c/kg, weighing 235kg, to return $1,047/hd.

RJ & C Hicks, Moura – Sold Droughtmaster cows for 287c/kg, weighing 627kg, to return $1,802/hd.

T & J Holland, Wycarbah- Sold Droughtmaster heifers to 416c/kg, weighing 211kg, to return $878/hd.

E & T Jones, Dalma – Sold Brahman cross heifers for 392c/kg, weighing 244kg, to return $958/hd.

HM Shaw Biloela – Sold Grey Brahman No. 0 heifers for 416c/kg, weighing 288kg, to return $1,200/hd.

CJ Mahon, Bauhinia – Sold Santa x heifers for 384c/kg, weighing 333kg, to return $1,279/hd.

SMC Pastoral, Rocky View – Sold a line of Brahman x vealer heifers to top at 404c/kg, weighing 289kg, to return $1,168/hd.

Warren Williams, Alton Downs – Sold Brahman x heifers for 328c/kg, weighing 534kg, to return $1,750/hd.

Harskim Pty Ltd, Yelboroo – Sold Brangus feeder heifers for 362c/kg, weighing 371kg to return $1,346/hd.

R&J Milne, Woodbury – Sold Brangus weaner heifers to top 400c/kg, weighing 197kg, to return $790/hd.

Day Family, Goovigen – Sold Brangus cows and calves for $1,850/unit

Jason Dittman, Bloomsbury – Sold a line of bucking bulls which topped at $3,800/hd.


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