Nebo Market Report 09/10/2020

NEBO CATTLE SALE Friday 09th October 2020

Nebo Combined Agents yarded a smaller yarding then last month of 300 Head, Consisting of 155 Heifers, 75 Steers, 65 Cows & 5 Bulls. All of the cattle were locally sourced. Having good lines of cows and feeder heifers on hand seen cattle meet with strong competition on most descriptions and the market has been very competitive to all other selling complexes.

Next Nebo sale is Friday 13th November 2020.

STEERS Over 500kg 328.2c/kg 328.2c/kg 328.2c/kg
  400 to 500kg 328.2c/kg 342.2c/kg 335.1c/kg
320 to 400kg 342.2c/kg 350.2c/kg 347.7c/kg
250-320kg 306.2c/kg 402.2c/kg 357.9c/kg
Up to 250kg 342.2c/kg 404.2c/kg 370.7c/kg
COWS Over 520kg 280.2c/kg 290.2c/kg 285.4c/kg
  400-520kg 258.2c/kg 264.2c/kg 260.8c/kg
  Under 400kg 258.2c/kg 258.2c/kg 258.2c/kg
HEIFERS 450-550kg 312.2c/kg 312.2c/kg 312.2c/kg
  400-450kg 312.2c/kg 346.2c/kg 322.1c/kg
300-400kg 318.2c/kg 376.2c/kg 348.7c/kg
250-300kg 346.2c/kg 364.2c/kg 364.2c/kg
Up to 250kg 324.2c/kg 380.2c/kg 356.8c/kg
BULLS Over 600kg 288.2c/kg 288.2c/kg 288.2c/kg
  Up to 450kg 260.0c/kg 268.2c/kg 264.6c/kg



SA & MC Desbois, Mt Ossa – Sold Charbray Store Cows for 264.2c/kg averaging 477.3kg to return $1260.95 per head.

Suttor Creek, Glendon – Sold Brahman Cows for 290.2c/kg averaging 582.5kg to return $1690.42 per head.

EM & RF Bella, Nebo- Sold No.9 Brangus Heifers for 376c/kg averaging 330.4kg to return $1242.80 per head.

A Black – Sold Charbray Heifers for 365.6c/kg averaging 365.6kg to return $1280.42 per head.


NEXT NEBO SALE: 13th November 2020, COMMENCING @ 9.00am

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