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Gracemere Market Report 19/01/2022

GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE WEDNESDAY 19TH JANUARY 2022 Combined agents yarded 3386 head today, comprising of 1645 steers, 1145 heifers, 270 cows, 275 Cows & Calves and 52 bulls. Cattle were […]

Gracemere Market Report 12/01/2022

GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE WEDNESDAY 12TH JANUARY 2022 CQLX Gracemere agents penned 1,710 head for their first sale for 2022, comprising of 711 Steers, 662 Heifers, 223 Cows, 18 Bulls & […]

Gracemere Sale Market Report 15/12/2021

GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE WEDNESDAY 15th DECEMBER 2021 For the final sale of 2021, CQLX Gracemere Agents saw a small decreased yarding of 3,247 head yesterday. Cattle came from a wide […]

Gracemere Market Report 08/12/2021

GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE WEDNESDAY 08th DECEMBER 2021 After some much needed rain, CQLX Gracemere Agents saw an increased yarding of 4,747 head yesterday. Cattle were drawn from Townsville in the […]

Gracemere Market Report 24/11/2021

GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE WEDNESDAY 24th NOVEMBER 2021 Due to the recent rainfall in some areas, CQLX Gracemere agents saw an increased yarding of 2,950 head yesterday. Cattle were once again […]